Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I heart short posts!

Hello there, intrepid readers. Tis I, your crafty host. Again.

I am really digging this new version of blogger that they have. I can now add neato things to the blogginess. I have no idea about HTML or any of that crap, so my craftiness has always been plain jane, but now it is misterfancypants. I hope you are impressed.

Hold on, I'll post again in a sec.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The last time I'd seen him (how long had that been?) he was a fugitive in a sea-blue bus.

Wow. This blog has not seen the light of day in many....days....

Lets you and me just pretend that there isn't a huge gap since the last post and go ahead and dive in....you know how to pretend don't you? Just rub your brain together and blow...

My Harry Potter swap went famously (I'll post pictures later, I can't face that sort of trial this early in the morning.) and I got fabulous treats from Scandinavia.

Now I am registered for two more swaps on craftster.org. One is a knitting swap, for knitters, by knitters. I have a great partner who is very communicative. I really like this. I am not joking. Because she is so cool I am sort of hoping to make her some really cool things. Of course, I cannot divulge here what those things would be, because you would tell her. I know you would, you saucy minx. Don't deny it.
The other swap is a DIY kit swap. I'm really excited about this one, because I get to learn new stuff. I have to make kits of things I know how to do, like crochet and knitting and soap making and crap like that, and then other people make me awesome kits about doing other things.

I have executed my first forrays into the knitting of lace (a sweater and *ahem* 3 feather and fan scarves) and I suppose I am fairly proud of that.
I feel as though I have had an almost productive January.
Here is my list of January FOs (to date, I will certainly have more before the month has through with me):
Ribbed RedWings scarf and hat
another Gryffindor hat
hot colors F&F scarf
cool color F&F scarf
first mittens
Asymmetrical cables hat
Garter lace suede sweater

So that's it for now. The sweater I made for the knitting challenge on craftster. (this is your subconscious speaking. You will go to craftster.org on Feb. 1 and vote for superhooker's sweater in the knitting challenge. If you do this, you will get cookies and people will send you flowers. If you don't, you may die. it is the truth.)

I have also been reading a bit, which is nice. This year so far I have read :
At knits end by Stephanie Pearl McPhee
Yarn Harlot by " " "
Survivor by Chuck Palhaniuk ( or however you spell that.)
Hoot by Carl Hiassen

I am currently reading 2 books, and I can't write their names, because that would be bad luck.

Ok, I am done for now, but I will be back later, now that I have broken the blogger block that was in my brain, with a more interesting and less listy post. But for now, be happy you got anything at all from my warm living hands........