Friday, September 22, 2006

At breakfast we consumed a reprehensible buffet of assorted Nordic things.

those are happy noises around here.
I don't exactly know why i'm happy, but that's ok. I found out about this "on demand" feature on my tv today. I can watch lots of cool movies on it. Today I had a horrible decision over whether to watch Desperately Seeking Susan (yay, madonna and Aidan Quinn) and An Ideal Husband (yay, everyone I like), and in the end, Oscar Wilde won he always should, really. I do have an unwholesome attachment to Oscar Wilde. He is right up there with Rasputin and James Spader (do you want to know?).

So I began knitting a lap blanket thing for the superhubby's super great grandma. She has been ill lately, and she is in a nursing place and confined to a wheel chair. I heard that it's really cold there and she always has to borrow wheel chair blankets from the other ladies who have been there for longer, so I thought that I would make her one of her own. I'm not really sure about how big these things are supposed to be, but I figured I would just start making away, and sooner or later it will be big enough. I'm doing it in squares to be sewn together, so all the dimensions are adjustable.

I want to put in a word here to recommend the "knitting experience " books by Sally Melville. I have the first two, and I think that they are nice. Some of the projects are weird, but that's ok. i didn't learn in the way that she teaches, and I think that some of her writing is a little bit stupid, but the directions seem nice, and the books are what they seem. The first one only used the knit stitch....all of it, only purling in sight. I don't know why this is necessary, but it is true. And let me clarify that it isn't just her that I find a little's all these books now that talk about knitting as some kind of therapy, or soul healing or anything lame like that. I mean shut up...if you have to justify knitting to yourself in some way, than maybe you shouldn't be doing it. It's like these ladies are ashamed that they spend all this time knitting, and they tell people that they do it to relieve the stress in their lives so that no one makes fun of them.

Well I say that is retarded.

I'm not ashamed of my yarn.

I love it.

And my family may think that i'm crazy, but i don't care. My superhubby and superkid both love the yarn. They think it is fabulous. everyone else in the world is pretty much a loser. I think that if everyone in the world had a couple of skeins of malabrigo sitting in their houses to pet and love, it would be a much nicer world to live in.

P.S. seriously, buy some malabrigo is the best. Uraguay is now my favorite country. After Peru.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Well, she feels like some phenomenon, but she's really just a shaken belief.

hooray for new computers!

This keyboard has the buttons in the right place, and my hands do not bleed from contact! I may be in love. Superhubby got a thing put on it so that you can watch tv on the computer, and I think this may be overkill, but other than that, it seems pretty supersweet.

Since my last post I made 2 scarves. The first one is for my is made of mohair and angora (off-white) and knitted in a basketweave pattern. This was pretty fun to make. Then I made a stockinette scarf for superhubby's friend's girlfriend. This was not fun to make, but that's ok, because I hardly know the girl, and I don't care.

I got two boxes of yarn this week. (sweet). I got the stuff from Webs, and Noro is so awesome. I want more almost immediately. I also got a box from Paradise Fibers...I got some Brown Sheep and a skein of Baabajoes is supersweet to the max.

I have 14 coupons for 40% off at JoAnns for this weekend. These have new yarn written all over them.

I have been totally slacking off on my making lately, and it is time to kick my self in the crazypants. This week I must knit a hat, crochet a crazy robot, crochet a hat, and start knitting a sweater. I have a very long list of things to make, and the time for them is going down the tubes whilst I sit here creating for "fun".

I have not yet actually followed a knitting pattern, so I am sort of worried about the sweater, but i'm pretty sure I can do it.

I also plan on doing some more book reviews in the near future. I now own somewhere near one gazillion needle work books. By needle work I mean knitting and crochet. The other needle works cannot be counted at this time. I have become obsessed with finding cute projects to become inspired by, but not actually create.

John Stewart is really funny.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pain stood in the way like a sheet of glass:you could walk through it, but not without a certain noise.

so I have just broken my yarn fast.....again.....
I could not help it...
I am like a reed that blows in the wind of
I am telling you that Webs is so fabulous that I can't stand it. I bought some more Tahki Donegal tweed...I fell in love with it when I was there this summer...I will now have enough for a sweater. I also discovered that they have overstocks of Noro! I have always wanted to try some Noro, because the colors are so insanely awesome....and I got these for half off! WOO HOO!!!!!

In other knitting is going pretty well. I just finished my second knitted bag last night. I'm pretty proud of it because I put cables on the front. I was reading a book the other day and suddenly cables made complete sense to me. This is super great because I have always loved cables.

I am still searching for the perfect projects to use the yarn I bought this summer. Some of it may actually be too fabulous to use. If you ever have the chance to touch the merino wool from Malabrigo, you should definately rub it all over your entire body. You may actually die of happiness, though, so make sure that your affairs are in order before you do this. I bought two skeins of this in Cambridge, Mass this summer. Whenever I get sad I just touch it. Nothing is too strong to beat the Malabrigo.

I also bought a huge ball of beautiful roving at the Michigan fiber fest, and I leave it on my table so that I can just look at it all the time. I am sort of intimidated by it. I bought my first drop spindle, and I used up the practice yarn, but I am afraid to mess up the giant ball of awesome. It is dyed in this blue/green variation.

My other problem is that I tend to find a yarn that I like, and then I can't pick a color, so instead of buying 5 skeins of one color, I buy 5 different colors that I like. Then I try to find a project to make, and nothing seems right with stripes.

Woe is me....
So much yarn, so little time.

If I could have one superpower, it would definately be the ability to stop time. That way, I could touch my yarn for hours at a time and no one would know.

Ok. I'm typing on a laptop, and the keyboard is making my hands fall asleep. My new computer should be here any day now, and then I will be able to post without somno-type.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

how can I get in your way when you don't even have one?

Hello Hello Hello!

it seems that I have not posted since the second age of angstiness! If you will notice, I am not blogging from the library, but from my very own lair! this is nice because there is coffee here...and i do not have the keyboard of death.
I am sure that you will not be surprised when I tell you that I have a lot to blog about from the summer...My glorious summer vacation amongst the yarn shoppes of new england, my attendance at the crochet & knitting guild show in Pennsylvania, the Michigan fiber fest in allegan, and the fact that I learned to knit 2 weeks ago.
However, the most important thing to blog about is the Interweave yarn buddy fun. I have two wonderful yarn cohorts, and I have heretofore been remiss in not writing about them at all. The yarn buddy that has me is named Shana, and she is ultra fabulous. (plus she must have mounds of really cute stationary hanging about her lair.) In June she sent me mongolian cashmere! This yarn is the jewel of my stash. It sits on top of the wood bowl that holds the prettiest yarn. It makes all the other yarn feel self conscious and kind of angry. In july she sent me this awesome cotton yarn that is bumpy and wonderful. It is purply-bluey, and super soft. She got it in New Orleans where she voluteers and she hopes to live one day. This makes it extra special because I love travel yarn.

The yarn buddy that I send things to is named Sarah, and she is awesome. She just got married and moved to a new place. In june I sent her some mohair yarn in a bluey-grey sort of color. She told me that she liked mochair, and that everything in her house was that color, know...I think it was from anny blatt... In july I sent her one of my tweedy skeins of jo sharp aran tweed, because I told her that i would send her one of my favorites. I also cheated and sent her something I got on my vacation...I was driving through the Berkshire mountains when I came upon a little village called Northampton, and in that hamlet there resides a tiny yarn shop called WEBS....ok, o it is really a giagantic superstore of fabulosity. anyway, I picked her up a ball of Berkshire yarn, in commemoration. it was nice, I think it was a wool/alpaca blend by Valley Yarns. For my august project I made her a little bag that I found in Spin Off magazine. I liked it a lot, and I showed it to some other people and they all thought it was good too, so I went for it. I made it in Berrocco's Denim silk. It is a bag to hold your yarn ball in while you knit on the go. I really hope she likes it, i don't know if it is too froofy for her...but it was the first crocheted lace pattern i've done (i've done two more lace projects since!) and I think it turned out pretty well...i'm still waiting to hear from her.

And this is where I will end this diatribe......for now!