Monday, February 26, 2007

The lower she sank, the better she felt.

I sent out my Craft Detective swap package today! I, of course, forgot to take pictures of the stuff in it, so you will just have to believe me when I tell you that the stuff rocked the house and then set it to rights once more.

I also recieved from my Hogwarts Houses swap, and from the Not so Kitschy Kitchen swap! Giant package day at the superhousehold. Craftster is down until 11:00 PM, because it wants me to go insane. I now have to work at breakneck speed on the personal swappiness. I got my main supply today for it, so I will actually be able to work on it now.

I have had the superflu all weekend. I caught it from that damned superkid....him and that....breathing.....and spreading germs....I want to spray him down with lysol every time he walks into the room. I swear that kid is a germ magnet.

I've got a bunch of projects coming up, after I finish these two last swaps. I'm going to start on the sweater for the superhubby, and I'm going to knit my Slytherin scarf for the movie. I'd also like to knit a sweater for the superkid, and knock out a Brea bag. So, like, a lot of stuff.... you know.....

So, until I must type some more!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

"You uxorious lummox!" the woman bellowed in response to his muffled pleas.

I sent out my Hogwarts houses swap package yesterday, and MissTee2 already recieved it, so I can post my pictures now! She is a Gryffindor. I made her a pincushion:

a calorimetry and a pair of mittens for those cold days watching quidditch!

A tote bag, and some stuff for the common room!

I also made her some jewelry and a little purse for the Yule Ball, and some soap and bath potions for relaxing after class. I made her a photo album too, so she can keep track of all her friends over the summer! How's that for house co-operation?
I'm trying to finish up my package for the Crafty Detective swap this weekend, so hopefully I'll be able to post that one on Monday or Tuesday, depending on if I need to do some last minute spoiling!
Oh, and my yarn arrived! WOOOOOOO! I've been looking through all my patterns all day thinking of all the awesome crap I'm going to (eventually) make.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In which I realize I have a lot of yarn.

I forgot to write this:

I will now make my confession to cyberspace. I bought $300 worth of yarn on sunday. I have no excuse. This is the first time I have ever been embarassed by my yarn obsession. I think I will have to fast for a while. In my defense, a lot of the price was the yarn for two sweaters I'm going to make for Superhubby. (now you know I love him, because I capitalized him)

Before you judge, you should get your brand new credit card in the mail and be forced to activate it, and then wander over to the Webs website. See if you can get out of there with less than 300 bucks of yarn. Try it, I dare you!

Who's taking money at the door? And how shall I dress to not seem real?

Ok, I sent out all four of my ATCs yesterday, so my end of my swap is done. I really hope my partners like them. I had to make a cow, an elephant, an owl, and a Jane Eyre card. My favorite was the owl one. I'll be recieving 4 cards about knitting. I'm creative. I later thought I should have done day of the dead, but I had allready put down a subject.

I finished the bag for Aunt Beckie (finally). It nearly killed my hands. My parents are coming over tonight, and my mom is going to bring the bag to my aunt, so I don't have to ship it.

I am finished with the stuff for the Hogwarts Houses swap, so I'll probably send that out on Thursday or Friday. I didn't send it today, because I want to show my mom all the cool stuff I made. I'll post my pictures when Miss_tee2 recieves it. I also finished my biggest project for the Crafty Detective swap. This is the stalking swap of my dreams! I'm really excited to send the packages for these swaps.

I bought some more soap base last night. I sent most of my soap stuff out with my DIY kits, so I had to replenish. I think I might make some soap tonight. Maybe.

Superkid has some kind of flu-iness. He threw up all over everything possible on Monday night. I mean it. It was uncanny. He hit everything in the bathroom except the toilet. I had to wash his sheets 4 times to get the yuck out. Since then he has just had a bad cough and a really runny nose, so I have no idea what is actually wrong with him. Right now he is in a nyquil induced sleep.

The kid keeps seeing all the swappy stuff, and he really likes to steal peices of it, so I decided to start a kid stuff swap. This will be the first one I'm organizing, so I'm a bit nervous, but I'm pretty sure I'll be ok. The point of the swap is to make a cool kid package, not clothes, or boring stuff, but fun stuff....crazy toys and weirdness. I'm not going to start sign ups until the beginning/middle of March.
I think that I'm going to start mostly doing only less intense swaps, like supply swaps or single item swaps. However, I really do want to be in the handspun/handcraft swap, because I really want some of that great craftster handspun.

In any case, its good to see that you are still not here and still not reading. Great not seeing you one more time......

Thursday, February 15, 2007

crappy post

I recieved my yarn from my yarn swap! I got two giant envelopes of awesome yarn. Hurrah.
My partners have recieved in my DIY kit swap, so I am just waiting for my packages to arrive.
My partner sent out for my knitting swap, and the package should be here today or tomorrow!

I still can't post any pictures of what I've been working on, because it is all for swaps.

I also joined a swap for ATC's. I have to make 4 of them. Hopefully I don't suck at it.
I am now in a personal swap for strange and unusual stuff.
I don't really feel like posting right now, but I have to post at least once a week for the craftster webring, so I thought I should throw something up, just in case.

OK, that's all.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

She led a complicated and secret quotidian existence of matinees and intrigues and regrets.

Cyberspace, you are a fickle mistress.

I see that my nonlegion of nonadoring nonfans are at it again with the not commenting. They have shown me how much they care by taking the not-reading of my blog to new heights.

In any case, I shall not be discouraged by the crushing weight of my blog's non-readability. I shall forge on, and create more posts for no one to read. Take that, cruel...people who...don'

I sent out all of my DIY kits for the craftster swap. I also got my partner for the detective/stalking swap. This swap is supersweet, because I can make what I want to, just based on my partner's taste, so I don't have to try to do something I don't want to do....because they don't know who I am! Ha HA!

I am almost done with my Hogwarts Houses swap. I mostly am waiting for the post to bring me the stuff I need to finish 2 of my projects. Since I have to wait, though, I decided to start another thing to go in the package. If my partner doesn't like the stuff, it will be suicide-o-rama in the superhouse.

It is pretty cool, because I am expecting 10 packages in the mail right now! The suspense is terrible....I hope it lasts.....

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I do in fact prefer raucous company but am delighted to be here nevertheless.

So, I entered the knitting contest on craftster, and I am not winning.

I made this sweater for my niece, Emma. It is made with chenille yarn, so it is soft and fuzzy.

the point of the contest was to design something that used the chosen stitch, which was garter lace stitch. This was my first sweater design and my first lace knitting, so I don't think it is too bad. I actually made a gauge swatch for this, so it was pretty serious.

I've been making lace scarves too. I've made 3 feather and fan scarves so far. I am a little bit burnt out on them right now, so it may be a while until there is a fourth.

This weekend I'll be making my first effort at polymer clay jewelry. I hope it goes well, because it looks like you can do some really kick ass stuff.

I'm in a DIY kit swap, and I have to make 2 melt and pour soap kits and one sewing kit. In return I'll be getting a kit for hemp jewelry, bookbinding, and decoupage. I can't wait!

We went to see "Night at the Museum" last weekend. It was a lot funnier than I thought it would be. Superkid was delighted. Of course, it doesn't take much to delight him, because he thinks anything is funny.

I bought a bunch of awesome handspun yarn from a couple of Etsy shops. I've been really happy with Etsy. I would recommend shopping through Etsy to anyone who hasn't tried it yet. I like the idea behind it.

I must go now. I am not being witty at all. I cannot even concentrate because I am watching "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". And so I will say Aloha, Mr. Hand.....

His words skidded across the living room floor and landed in her lap.

Hey there cyberspace!
I sent out for the knitting swap, and I have pictures! These are things I made for my partner, who wanted mostly knitting related gear...a knitting bag....

and the inside...

and a knitting hoodie!

and these are the flip-top mittens I made...

and now this post is getting ridiculous to add to, so I will put more pictures in the next post!

My partner liked her stuff, I think, and now I am awaiting her package!

I signed up for some new swaps, and at the moment I am all filled up, all 5 spots! some of them are going to be really quick, though, so more swapiness can come soon.

We got new cages for the hamstrosities last night. My two hamsters hate each other, and they have broken all the toys in their cage, so now they are bored and hateful, so we got them seperate quarters...we hope they don't start cussing at each other from across the room.

ok...more posting in a bit...