Tuesday, October 24, 2006

As far as I'm concerned, all phone calls are obscene.

well then....I have finally put a link to the superblog from Craftster. I feel incredibly tech-savvy right now.

I am almost finished with the cabled bag...I just need to do the lining and handle. I'm going to the craft store to check out their selection of handles before I decide on the style I want. I still haven't made the arms to the sweater. I started a knitted crocodile for my nephew for x-mas. I had been unsure how I would make it, but I just cast on and thought about it for a while, and I think i've got it figured out. I am starting at the neck and going down to the tip of the tail, then I will pick up stitches for the parts of the head and work some shortrows and whatnot for and open mouth. I'll just make the legs seperately.

I have only 2 more days until I find out who my swap partner is. I can't wait. I think I have some good ideas for what to make, but I will have to see who I get. I hope that my person has a wist.... I need to figure out how to make one of those.

ok. I am nearly spent. I suppose that one day I will have more to report.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

She powdered her nose, her body, her alibis, etc., to meet his scrutiny intact.

Hello, non-adoring non-fans (and Jeff),

aparently I have had a surge of crafty power. since the last post I made the two purses and a hat, and I did the shoulder seaming and neck of the sweater (now it just needs arms). I have commenced on one of the november projects, a cabled bag, for superhubby's cousin. I am being a big wuss about the sweater sleeves, because they have intarsia on them, and I have never done two colors in knitting before. I keep being tempted to just do the sleeves plain, and maybe embroider the designs on, but then, that would really be just dancing around the inevitable. I have to do intarsia some time, so why not just plunge in? It's not even a hard pattern. I just hate doing things for the first time.

I have been doing too much knitting without switching to crochet, and now my arms are dead from the shoulder down. THEY really need to find a cure for arthritis soon, or else I will die. Seriously...I am 27, and on some days I cannot write...like I can't control a pencil with my hand. I shudder to think what the days will be like when I am old.

Aside from all that...we bought new fish for our aquarium, and they have eaten almost all of our old fish. I guess they are really mean.

Superkid has the whole week off from school next week. I am not jumping for joy right now.

Oh, and I just watched two horrible movies... In an effort to get into the Halloween spirit, I put scary movies on my netflix list. I saw THE FOG and THE CAVE. They both SUCK. It is hard to find scary-ish movies for me to like nowadays, because I don't like movies that are based on a crazy person. I am not scared of supernatural things like ghosts or monsters, so those movies are ok...and future ones and space ones are good too...however, I am very scared of crazy people, and so I don't like movies where innocent normal people are minding their own business and some crazy person comes to see them. It seems like crazy person movies are very popular now. We saw Silent Hill in the movie theatre and that was pretty good. Especially for a video game movie. I think we need some good religious conspiracy movies. I love movies about Catholics covering up horrible secrets, or plotting something about the antichrist. I don't know why, but I love them...Stigmata, End of Days, The Order, The Omen (ok, haven't seen the movie, but read all 4 books), you know....that kind of thing. This probably makes me shallow and stupid, but really I could care less. I make up for it with watching obscure foriegn films.

Anyway. must make coffee. Must...umm....not type.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Some of the world's great monsters have untold stories, many, in fact, led quite happy childhoods before their later, more infamous years.

so, the front and back of the sweater are done. I also made a giant totebag for Grandma Emma for Christmas. And I finished the hat for little Emma. So, I totally feel pretty good about it all. Especially because my arms aren't breaking as much anymore. You see...crochet kills my hands, and knitting totally screws up my arms, so if I just sort of go back and forth a lot, neither one really gets completely broken. and that is good news.

My to-do list is still very long. I have also recently signed up to do a swap on Craftster. It is a Harry Potter at Christmas swap! how awesome is that? I know! Unfortunately, that means that I'll have even more things to work on. The swap runs from 10-25 until 11-30, so I have a little while, but dang... that's a lot, kind of.

I have to get started on my other October projects. Yes, I have them divided by month. This month I have to finish the sweater, and make 2 hats and 2 purses. not too bad really, and I'm trying to finish early and get a jump on November to give myself more time for the swap. At least the swap stuff doesn't have to be made of yarn, so if I'm having a yarn overload, I can always find other stuff to do.......yeah....right....

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Time is a slippery, viscid, wavering tool of a malignant prestidigitator with nineteen thumbs.

Hey there....
So, I finished the little scarfy thing, and a crocheted hat....almost done with the knitted hat for my niece. On friday night I started my first sweater. Superhubby has been begging for a sweater for a very long time, and so it has begun. I have the back about 3 /4 done. I'm making Skully from the SnB book.
I also scored some super cheap novelty yarn from Hershners. I have never ordered anything from them before, so I hope it turns out well. They didn't even charge me for shipping.
I ordered some neat stuff from YarnMarket as well, stuff I'd never used before....its an experiment!

To continue the theme of experimentation, I will now produce a list of my favorite crochet/knitting books, because my hands have become too broken to review them one at a time. You can trust me on these, I have excellent taste. My husband is hot. Not kidding.

Ok....best crochet books:
1. SnB happy hooker
2. felted crochet
3. lion brand vintage styles for today
4. crocheting school
5. quick crochet huge hooks.
The rest of them are basically hit and miss. I don't know why crochet books tend to suck so bad.

Best knitting books. (no particular order)
1. SnB books
2. Handknit holidays
3. Alterknits
4. Vogue knitting accessorize
5. the Vogue stitchionaries
6. one skein
7. scarf style and wrap style
8. The knitting experience books
9. Debbie Bliss' Junior knits (great for kids aged 4-10, patterns are hard to find for superkid.)

But basically, anything that is published by Interweave Press tends to be just friggin excellent. I have not seen any of their books that i haven't liked.

well, I feel as though my work here is done. But I think that I should also tell you that the movie "the shining" is creepily awesome, and the movie "a knights tale" is pretty much just stupid.
Maybe tomorrow I will make a list of good movies....or not. buh bye.

Monday, October 02, 2006

so there

I just need to share one more thing while I'm here.

I think that everyone in america should start buying brittish knitting magazines.

For one thing, they are awesome, but also, almost every pattern contains the words whilst and oddment.

and so they are way more sweeter and awesomer than anything in regular old american english.

Visions, on the one hand, devour my brain; hyenas, on the other, feed on yours.

So, happy Yom Kippur. (i don't know if that is supposed to be capital or not, but i'm wingin it here.)

Superkid is home from school today, so the house is much more bouncy and annoying than usual. You see, it is also raining like crazy, and it is pretty cold out, and so Superkid is confined to the destuction of the interior of the house....

So I'm thinking that it would be a good day to go and run errands.

Just so you know, I didn't actually do any of the things that were on my list.

I made a lapblanket for Superhubby's great Grandma, who just had some troubles, and is stuck in a wheelchair for a while. I also broke my arms whilst making it, and so I took some days off of using the arms. My mom came to visit during those days, so it was ok. On friday I started this scarf that is in that Knitting Experience book...it is a cross between a triangle scarf and a regular rectangle scarf. It is going ok....I've got maybe a day more of work to do on it. I also started a hat for my neice last night. I envisioned this hat/scarf set in my mind, so I hope that it comes out well. I am making it from yarn that I saved from a terrible sweater I found at the goodwill. The things some people will do to yarn are appalling.

I am suddenly smelling breakfast food.

A lot, it smells like french toast right behind me.

but there is no french toast.

maybe its a brain tumor.

or the people upstairs.

Am I the only one in the world that actually enjoys living in an apartment? people keep telling me that I need to buy a house or, at the very least, a condo....but I like my apartment, and I don't really want to buy anything. Except yarn. and maybe more pets.