Sunday, January 22, 2006

I love mail

I am so excited! I won an auction on Ebay for mystery boxes of yarn...this combines three of my favorite things: surprises, mail, and yarn!
as an update to my last post, I want everyone to know that the urgent coffee matter has been solved, and a new coffee maker has been installed.

ok, this is feeling kind of weird, because I can't talk about projects yet, due to lack of I will tell you about something that i'm working on...
I am making hats, mittens, and sweaters for a charity that sends them to orphanages in Mongolia. I think that if anyone deserves pretty sweaters, it's Mongolian orphans. You know?

My mom has been donating yarn that she's got laying around, and my local yarn shop has had an awesome sale going on, so i've got enough yarn here to clothe a multitude of Mongolians.

My Aunt Beckie sent us some homemade dog biscuits the other day. (did i tell you i love mail?) Remy is the happiest dog on Earth right now. On top of the special dog treats, Brandon just got our grill working, and he has been spending most of his time on our porch ( in the rain and snow) grilling. He has begun to go insane. He made shish-kebobs for Remy this evening...yes...he grilled for the dog....enough said.

I'm really hoping that this blog gets a little bit more exciting fairly soon.
sorry about that chaps...
I can't help but notice the vast amounts of people who are not reading it.
Ahhh...a girl can dream...

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Einar said...

Heil og sæl, til lukku með nýja síðu, hlakka til að fylgjast með skrifum þínum. Gangi þér vel. kv/ege