Friday, January 20, 2006

Super Intro

Hello again, my dainties....
my coffee maker is broken.
A small piece of my heart broke along with it...

On a different subject....I think that it should be totally obvious by now that everyone in the universe should read Bust Magazine. However, it seems that some of us are not pulling our weight. I think it may be time to just go ahead and get with the program.

Another thing... it is absolutely necessary to listen to National Public Radio.

Believe me on this...NPR is my crack. If I am away from my radio for too long, I start twitching...

I also believe in obtaining huge and ghastly amounts of yarn. You may be wondering why you would need so much yarn? well, personally I think that questions like those are totally un-patriotic. amass piles of yarn to keep America safe. And since you have all that yarn laying around, you could just make some really cute mittens, or a sweater or something.

Please don't ever make anything with fun fur.

Or that creepy eyelash stuff.

I think that I should tell you a little about me, because I want you (everyone in cyberspace) to be my new friends. My name (alias) is Heather Terrill...I was originally Heather Griffis, but then I got married. My husband is Brandon Terrill...maybe you know him? anyway...we have a small, but very loud child named Alexander Terrill...he has managed to live to the ripe old age of 6. That is amazing, really, considering....

We have a dog...who is the light of my darkened days...his name is Remy....and he is a schnoodle (that's right, schnauser and poodle).

We live in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. (snobalicious)

We listen to the radio. (we don't do tv) (ick)

Brandon works for General Motors. (oppressors)

I currently am employed only in the fantastic profession of creating...( no degree)

Our family is dedicated to non-consumerism.

Our dream is to one day own a self sustaining llama ranch in Peru. I'm not joking.....

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