Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sit down; I'll make us some coffee and some suspiritions.

Woo hoo
I must first say that I have no feeling in the ring finger on my right hand. That is making it sort of hard to type right now. I am freaking out a little about it at this moment.

In other news, I finished the superhubby hat in one day! I made another one today, for my brother in law. Superhubby took me to the yarn shop in Birmingham. I got the most awesomest stuff ever! I found out that they sell Malabrigo I got one hank of that, plus, the owner gave me a great deal on this organic cotton, and I love it! I got the yarn for the HP swap stuff, and some yarn for my christmas projects. They also had a really great clearance bin, and I got 3 balls of Elba from Needful yarns and a ball of Vaudeville from Artful Yarns...all for two bucks each! I am very proud of my bargain shopping, but I am also proud that I touched yarn for a half hour, and I only bought things that I actually needed. Ok...I have a plan for most of it....shut up.

So I am hoping to really bust out some progress this weekend. I hope that my hands hold out for a while longer.

I must write about how awesome netflix is for a second. I have been looking for a DVD of Jan Svankmajer's animation for years now, and I could never find any....then I looked it up on netflix, and they have a whole collection of his stuff, including his awesome rendition of Alice in Wonderland. If you are a fan of avant garde animation, or if you like things that are spooky or even gothic, you should totally check him out. Seriously, because he is supersweet. A lot.

I must now retire to fondle my yarn a bit more. I can't really write about what I'm going to do with my new yarn, because there is a chance that someone may, at some point, read this. I know I am fooling myself. Shut up.


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