Friday, May 19, 2006

Wee-who...and stuff

Hello there computerlings...

How are we is still in the junk heap...

Good news is that my brother will be coming home soon, and he is a computer whizz...he says he thinks he can fix the crap-puter 2000 pretty easily. Unfortunately, it broke just as he left for Slovakia for a week...and then he had to go to Thailand for a month...hence, computer is still the ultra-crap.

Anyway....I don't think that my yarn buddy likes me, as I have not heard anything yet...

This is breaking my heart.

Yesterday I took superkid to the yarn store, where he insisted on becoming tentacles again. (this is when he stands behind me and wraps his arms around, and it looks like I have two stubby arms coming out of my waist.) (so precious) (I really was moved to tears) (ok, not really)

Also we went to the bookstore and looked at yarn books.

He tried to get me to buy all of them.

He is the devil.

I'm bored of typing now...

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