Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Where I scare my newest buddy into writing angry letters to Interweave Press.


today is the day that I've been waiting for!

And I'm not just saying that because I am really bored.

Today I made it back to the library to check my mail, (it has only been 3 weeks, darlings) and I find the secret identity of my secret yarn pal! I must say that I love interweave forever for allowing me to have a secret yarn pal. I can't tell you her name, but I can say that she lives in Illinois. So, everyone else, you didn't luck out and get me for a yarn pal. sorry.

Hopefully, this also means that someone has me for a secret yarn pal, and he/she/it may be reading this masterpeice of literary connundrumosity (no, not a real word...shut up) at this very moment. If so, "Hi there, yarn buddy! I am very happy to be yarn buddying you! Please don't be discouraged by what you read here....ummm.....well, maybe you should be discouraged. Also, pardon any typing mistakes. The keyboard here at the library is really hard to type on."

can't write much more because my fingers actually start to bleed while using this keyboard, but I recently bought large quantities of Jo Sharp Aran Tweed. I am in love. It is beautiful. It is gray/black (favorite!) and all mixy/tweedy! I feel like Sherlock Holmes when I hold it. Unfortunatly, I am intimidated by it. It is for a sweater, but...it looks so nice as little bundles of cute!

Alright. Now you are vomiting on your keyboards, and mine is covered in blood. in any case, um....


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