Wednesday, September 06, 2006

how can I get in your way when you don't even have one?

Hello Hello Hello!

it seems that I have not posted since the second age of angstiness! If you will notice, I am not blogging from the library, but from my very own lair! this is nice because there is coffee here...and i do not have the keyboard of death.
I am sure that you will not be surprised when I tell you that I have a lot to blog about from the summer...My glorious summer vacation amongst the yarn shoppes of new england, my attendance at the crochet & knitting guild show in Pennsylvania, the Michigan fiber fest in allegan, and the fact that I learned to knit 2 weeks ago.
However, the most important thing to blog about is the Interweave yarn buddy fun. I have two wonderful yarn cohorts, and I have heretofore been remiss in not writing about them at all. The yarn buddy that has me is named Shana, and she is ultra fabulous. (plus she must have mounds of really cute stationary hanging about her lair.) In June she sent me mongolian cashmere! This yarn is the jewel of my stash. It sits on top of the wood bowl that holds the prettiest yarn. It makes all the other yarn feel self conscious and kind of angry. In july she sent me this awesome cotton yarn that is bumpy and wonderful. It is purply-bluey, and super soft. She got it in New Orleans where she voluteers and she hopes to live one day. This makes it extra special because I love travel yarn.

The yarn buddy that I send things to is named Sarah, and she is awesome. She just got married and moved to a new place. In june I sent her some mohair yarn in a bluey-grey sort of color. She told me that she liked mochair, and that everything in her house was that color, know...I think it was from anny blatt... In july I sent her one of my tweedy skeins of jo sharp aran tweed, because I told her that i would send her one of my favorites. I also cheated and sent her something I got on my vacation...I was driving through the Berkshire mountains when I came upon a little village called Northampton, and in that hamlet there resides a tiny yarn shop called WEBS....ok, o it is really a giagantic superstore of fabulosity. anyway, I picked her up a ball of Berkshire yarn, in commemoration. it was nice, I think it was a wool/alpaca blend by Valley Yarns. For my august project I made her a little bag that I found in Spin Off magazine. I liked it a lot, and I showed it to some other people and they all thought it was good too, so I went for it. I made it in Berrocco's Denim silk. It is a bag to hold your yarn ball in while you knit on the go. I really hope she likes it, i don't know if it is too froofy for her...but it was the first crocheted lace pattern i've done (i've done two more lace projects since!) and I think it turned out pretty well...i'm still waiting to hear from her.

And this is where I will end this diatribe......for now!

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