Friday, April 28, 2006


My computer has exploded. I'm not joking. I didn't abandon my non-adoring, non-fans to walk the hallowed halls of cyberspace alone for naught.

Also, the mail has lost another one of my netflix dvds. I think that someone is stealing them from my mailman right when he walks out of my building.

I'm not writing much today (or any day in the near future) because I am at the library computer station, and I don't like this computer at all. Plus, I am near death.

I have finished the basket set for my cousin's wedding, and now I have a large blister on the inside of my ring finger.

I finally mustered the courage to begin the second half of the stuffed animal that I'm making for my niece. That's the problem with not using patterns, the first arm and leg are easy, but then you have to match the other side. Generally I end up with one foot that is quite a bit larger than the other one. I have noticed, however, that when you crochet for 4 year olds, they don't really care. Hmmph.

ok. I must go and look at the needlework section.

Taa taa....and stuff.

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