Saturday, October 21, 2006

She powdered her nose, her body, her alibis, etc., to meet his scrutiny intact.

Hello, non-adoring non-fans (and Jeff),

aparently I have had a surge of crafty power. since the last post I made the two purses and a hat, and I did the shoulder seaming and neck of the sweater (now it just needs arms). I have commenced on one of the november projects, a cabled bag, for superhubby's cousin. I am being a big wuss about the sweater sleeves, because they have intarsia on them, and I have never done two colors in knitting before. I keep being tempted to just do the sleeves plain, and maybe embroider the designs on, but then, that would really be just dancing around the inevitable. I have to do intarsia some time, so why not just plunge in? It's not even a hard pattern. I just hate doing things for the first time.

I have been doing too much knitting without switching to crochet, and now my arms are dead from the shoulder down. THEY really need to find a cure for arthritis soon, or else I will die. Seriously...I am 27, and on some days I cannot I can't control a pencil with my hand. I shudder to think what the days will be like when I am old.

Aside from all that...we bought new fish for our aquarium, and they have eaten almost all of our old fish. I guess they are really mean.

Superkid has the whole week off from school next week. I am not jumping for joy right now.

Oh, and I just watched two horrible movies... In an effort to get into the Halloween spirit, I put scary movies on my netflix list. I saw THE FOG and THE CAVE. They both SUCK. It is hard to find scary-ish movies for me to like nowadays, because I don't like movies that are based on a crazy person. I am not scared of supernatural things like ghosts or monsters, so those movies are ok...and future ones and space ones are good too...however, I am very scared of crazy people, and so I don't like movies where innocent normal people are minding their own business and some crazy person comes to see them. It seems like crazy person movies are very popular now. We saw Silent Hill in the movie theatre and that was pretty good. Especially for a video game movie. I think we need some good religious conspiracy movies. I love movies about Catholics covering up horrible secrets, or plotting something about the antichrist. I don't know why, but I love them...Stigmata, End of Days, The Order, The Omen (ok, haven't seen the movie, but read all 4 books), you know....that kind of thing. This probably makes me shallow and stupid, but really I could care less. I make up for it with watching obscure foriegn films.

Anyway. must make coffee. Must...umm....not type.

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