Sunday, October 08, 2006

Time is a slippery, viscid, wavering tool of a malignant prestidigitator with nineteen thumbs.

Hey there....
So, I finished the little scarfy thing, and a crocheted hat....almost done with the knitted hat for my niece. On friday night I started my first sweater. Superhubby has been begging for a sweater for a very long time, and so it has begun. I have the back about 3 /4 done. I'm making Skully from the SnB book.
I also scored some super cheap novelty yarn from Hershners. I have never ordered anything from them before, so I hope it turns out well. They didn't even charge me for shipping.
I ordered some neat stuff from YarnMarket as well, stuff I'd never used before....its an experiment!

To continue the theme of experimentation, I will now produce a list of my favorite crochet/knitting books, because my hands have become too broken to review them one at a time. You can trust me on these, I have excellent taste. My husband is hot. Not kidding. crochet books:
1. SnB happy hooker
2. felted crochet
3. lion brand vintage styles for today
4. crocheting school
5. quick crochet huge hooks.
The rest of them are basically hit and miss. I don't know why crochet books tend to suck so bad.

Best knitting books. (no particular order)
1. SnB books
2. Handknit holidays
3. Alterknits
4. Vogue knitting accessorize
5. the Vogue stitchionaries
6. one skein
7. scarf style and wrap style
8. The knitting experience books
9. Debbie Bliss' Junior knits (great for kids aged 4-10, patterns are hard to find for superkid.)

But basically, anything that is published by Interweave Press tends to be just friggin excellent. I have not seen any of their books that i haven't liked.

well, I feel as though my work here is done. But I think that I should also tell you that the movie "the shining" is creepily awesome, and the movie "a knights tale" is pretty much just stupid.
Maybe tomorrow I will make a list of good movies....or not. buh bye.


Jeffrey D. Holst said...

A movie list would be awesome, or maybe you could just rate a couple of movies on netflix--your still my favorite hooker though

Jeffrey D. Holst said...

ok so I take that back apperently you rated 1500+ movies while I wasnt paying attention--nice work, oh and i intend to say you are or you're not your in my last comment