Thursday, September 21, 2006

Well, she feels like some phenomenon, but she's really just a shaken belief.

hooray for new computers!

This keyboard has the buttons in the right place, and my hands do not bleed from contact! I may be in love. Superhubby got a thing put on it so that you can watch tv on the computer, and I think this may be overkill, but other than that, it seems pretty supersweet.

Since my last post I made 2 scarves. The first one is for my is made of mohair and angora (off-white) and knitted in a basketweave pattern. This was pretty fun to make. Then I made a stockinette scarf for superhubby's friend's girlfriend. This was not fun to make, but that's ok, because I hardly know the girl, and I don't care.

I got two boxes of yarn this week. (sweet). I got the stuff from Webs, and Noro is so awesome. I want more almost immediately. I also got a box from Paradise Fibers...I got some Brown Sheep and a skein of Baabajoes is supersweet to the max.

I have 14 coupons for 40% off at JoAnns for this weekend. These have new yarn written all over them.

I have been totally slacking off on my making lately, and it is time to kick my self in the crazypants. This week I must knit a hat, crochet a crazy robot, crochet a hat, and start knitting a sweater. I have a very long list of things to make, and the time for them is going down the tubes whilst I sit here creating for "fun".

I have not yet actually followed a knitting pattern, so I am sort of worried about the sweater, but i'm pretty sure I can do it.

I also plan on doing some more book reviews in the near future. I now own somewhere near one gazillion needle work books. By needle work I mean knitting and crochet. The other needle works cannot be counted at this time. I have become obsessed with finding cute projects to become inspired by, but not actually create.

John Stewart is really funny.

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