Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pain stood in the way like a sheet of glass:you could walk through it, but not without a certain noise.

so I have just broken my yarn fast.....again.....
I could not help it...
I am like a reed that blows in the wind of
I am telling you that Webs is so fabulous that I can't stand it. I bought some more Tahki Donegal tweed...I fell in love with it when I was there this summer...I will now have enough for a sweater. I also discovered that they have overstocks of Noro! I have always wanted to try some Noro, because the colors are so insanely awesome....and I got these for half off! WOO HOO!!!!!

In other knitting is going pretty well. I just finished my second knitted bag last night. I'm pretty proud of it because I put cables on the front. I was reading a book the other day and suddenly cables made complete sense to me. This is super great because I have always loved cables.

I am still searching for the perfect projects to use the yarn I bought this summer. Some of it may actually be too fabulous to use. If you ever have the chance to touch the merino wool from Malabrigo, you should definately rub it all over your entire body. You may actually die of happiness, though, so make sure that your affairs are in order before you do this. I bought two skeins of this in Cambridge, Mass this summer. Whenever I get sad I just touch it. Nothing is too strong to beat the Malabrigo.

I also bought a huge ball of beautiful roving at the Michigan fiber fest, and I leave it on my table so that I can just look at it all the time. I am sort of intimidated by it. I bought my first drop spindle, and I used up the practice yarn, but I am afraid to mess up the giant ball of awesome. It is dyed in this blue/green variation.

My other problem is that I tend to find a yarn that I like, and then I can't pick a color, so instead of buying 5 skeins of one color, I buy 5 different colors that I like. Then I try to find a project to make, and nothing seems right with stripes.

Woe is me....
So much yarn, so little time.

If I could have one superpower, it would definately be the ability to stop time. That way, I could touch my yarn for hours at a time and no one would know.

Ok. I'm typing on a laptop, and the keyboard is making my hands fall asleep. My new computer should be here any day now, and then I will be able to post without somno-type.


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