Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Who's taking money at the door? And how shall I dress to not seem real?

Ok, I sent out all four of my ATCs yesterday, so my end of my swap is done. I really hope my partners like them. I had to make a cow, an elephant, an owl, and a Jane Eyre card. My favorite was the owl one. I'll be recieving 4 cards about knitting. I'm creative. I later thought I should have done day of the dead, but I had allready put down a subject.

I finished the bag for Aunt Beckie (finally). It nearly killed my hands. My parents are coming over tonight, and my mom is going to bring the bag to my aunt, so I don't have to ship it.

I am finished with the stuff for the Hogwarts Houses swap, so I'll probably send that out on Thursday or Friday. I didn't send it today, because I want to show my mom all the cool stuff I made. I'll post my pictures when Miss_tee2 recieves it. I also finished my biggest project for the Crafty Detective swap. This is the stalking swap of my dreams! I'm really excited to send the packages for these swaps.

I bought some more soap base last night. I sent most of my soap stuff out with my DIY kits, so I had to replenish. I think I might make some soap tonight. Maybe.

Superkid has some kind of flu-iness. He threw up all over everything possible on Monday night. I mean it. It was uncanny. He hit everything in the bathroom except the toilet. I had to wash his sheets 4 times to get the yuck out. Since then he has just had a bad cough and a really runny nose, so I have no idea what is actually wrong with him. Right now he is in a nyquil induced sleep.

The kid keeps seeing all the swappy stuff, and he really likes to steal peices of it, so I decided to start a kid stuff swap. This will be the first one I'm organizing, so I'm a bit nervous, but I'm pretty sure I'll be ok. The point of the swap is to make a cool kid package, not clothes, or boring stuff, but fun stuff....crazy toys and weirdness. I'm not going to start sign ups until the beginning/middle of March.
I think that I'm going to start mostly doing only less intense swaps, like supply swaps or single item swaps. However, I really do want to be in the handspun/handcraft swap, because I really want some of that great craftster handspun.

In any case, its good to see that you are still not here and still not reading. Great not seeing you one more time......

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