Thursday, February 15, 2007

crappy post

I recieved my yarn from my yarn swap! I got two giant envelopes of awesome yarn. Hurrah.
My partners have recieved in my DIY kit swap, so I am just waiting for my packages to arrive.
My partner sent out for my knitting swap, and the package should be here today or tomorrow!

I still can't post any pictures of what I've been working on, because it is all for swaps.

I also joined a swap for ATC's. I have to make 4 of them. Hopefully I don't suck at it.
I am now in a personal swap for strange and unusual stuff.
I don't really feel like posting right now, but I have to post at least once a week for the craftster webring, so I thought I should throw something up, just in case.

OK, that's all.

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Twila Taylor said...

I love your blog! I truely love the fact that you did a complete post about no comments! HA! I'm with you on that! noone EVER comments on mine either. Not even my mom. HO HUM, whatever, Bah hummbug on them. You Love SNAPE.... me too! :) I want to stick him on a stick and lick away like a lollipop! do you listen to snapcast? I recommend that highly! I found you on "I *HEART* craftster. Your one above me on the list! so Hi neighbor! -Twila