Saturday, February 10, 2007

She led a complicated and secret quotidian existence of matinees and intrigues and regrets.

Cyberspace, you are a fickle mistress.

I see that my nonlegion of nonadoring nonfans are at it again with the not commenting. They have shown me how much they care by taking the not-reading of my blog to new heights.

In any case, I shall not be discouraged by the crushing weight of my blog's non-readability. I shall forge on, and create more posts for no one to read. Take that, cruel...people who...don'

I sent out all of my DIY kits for the craftster swap. I also got my partner for the detective/stalking swap. This swap is supersweet, because I can make what I want to, just based on my partner's taste, so I don't have to try to do something I don't want to do....because they don't know who I am! Ha HA!

I am almost done with my Hogwarts Houses swap. I mostly am waiting for the post to bring me the stuff I need to finish 2 of my projects. Since I have to wait, though, I decided to start another thing to go in the package. If my partner doesn't like the stuff, it will be suicide-o-rama in the superhouse.

It is pretty cool, because I am expecting 10 packages in the mail right now! The suspense is terrible....I hope it lasts.....

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vixenmeowmeow said...

I stumbled upon yr blog, and just wanted to say this post made my day...I was dying of laughter, and I feel the same way about my blog (Myspace) sometimes. I don't use this blog forum (I think I did once upon a time...this is Blogspot, right?), but I thought I'd leave a comment so you know that people do read your blog! ;)