Saturday, February 24, 2007

"You uxorious lummox!" the woman bellowed in response to his muffled pleas.

I sent out my Hogwarts houses swap package yesterday, and MissTee2 already recieved it, so I can post my pictures now! She is a Gryffindor. I made her a pincushion:

a calorimetry and a pair of mittens for those cold days watching quidditch!

A tote bag, and some stuff for the common room!

I also made her some jewelry and a little purse for the Yule Ball, and some soap and bath potions for relaxing after class. I made her a photo album too, so she can keep track of all her friends over the summer! How's that for house co-operation?
I'm trying to finish up my package for the Crafty Detective swap this weekend, so hopefully I'll be able to post that one on Monday or Tuesday, depending on if I need to do some last minute spoiling!
Oh, and my yarn arrived! WOOOOOOO! I've been looking through all my patterns all day thinking of all the awesome crap I'm going to (eventually) make.


Miss Scarlett said...

Hey there - found you from Project Spectrum 2
Have you been to the Knitdown to Harry Potter 7 KAL?
We could use another Snape fan...

knittymomma said...

this stuff is AWESOME! I'd love to know how you made the coffee cup and the mittens!

superhooker said...

The mittens are just my own knitting pattern, pretty basic. The mug was super easy! I found a photo mug at the dollar store and I just put a decoupaged peice of cardstock in. Thanks for the nice words.

I haven't seen that KAL, where do I go?

KnittyMomma said...

I read miss scarlett's post and hunted it down!

I am too scared of knitting in the round to attempt mittens (plus i live in texas no use for them!) but the calorimety I may just have to try...was looking for something for the book release/movie release and again it's too hot here for a scarf.

knittymomma said...

Last Question about the cup I swear! I bought the same type of mug from the craft store but I was wondering how you got the dimensions. Did you use a template perhaps?

superhooker said...

When I bought the cup, when you open it up there is a peice of paper inside that fits it well. I just traced that paper onto a piece of cardstock and cut it out. I had to trim it a tiny bit, but it worked. Then I cut out the Gryffindor crest that I had printed from google images and used mod-podge to glue it on, and then stuck it into the mug.
Ask all the questions you want!
And Knittymomma, thanks for that link! knitting in the round is really easy, you just have to decide that you can do it. After I tried dpns for the first time I have liked them better than straight needles. I kind of balance them on my chest or knee, depending on how i'm sitting, to get better leverage. When I use straight needles I'm a total pit-knitter. I find dpns much easier to work with than circulars. Mittens are a really easy thing to do in the round. Maybe just start with a simple beanie hat to prove to yourself you can do it, and then try some arm warmers or mittens. YOU CAN DO IT!!!