Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Book Review part Deux!

I wrote this review a long time ago, but never put it up anywhere, so I will now, even though everyone in the free world has read this book....

The DaVinci Code, By Dan Brown

CRAP! Utter crap! No, seriously. You see, I only read this book because I love Catholic conspiracy stories. The thing is, this is totally not a real conspiracy story. At the beginning you think it might be, but then it devolves into an adult version of The Codebreaker Kids. It's almost like Dan Brown got sick of writing after page 100.

I mean, really, was this book supposed to be thrilling? Or suspenseful? Or controversial? If you have ever read a book on the occult- even if you were twelve when you read it, then you would find Brown's posturing and showiness embarassing.

The only good character in the book is Silas the albino monk, and pretty much all the rest of them are so predictable that it hurts. I actually felt bad for the author. That was the best he could do. That is definately the last time I read anything on a best seller list or under "thriller".

I hate this book.

Instead: Rent Stigmata and The Order and whip yourself with knotted phone cords. It hurts sooo good.

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Rick said...

Film comes out in May.

I predict a run on dart boards with Tom Hanks' face as the bull's eye as Christians flock to persecute the poor Gump.