Friday, April 14, 2006

He pressed her fragrant fingertips to his lips and remorselessly told her the hideous truth.

I have not posted in multiple days because I have been completely cracked out.

Now that I have that disclaimer...I finished the large hat, and then I decided that the time is just not right for the small hat, so I made Brandon a new x-mas stocking instead! It has skulls done in intarsia and everything! I am so proud. After I did that, I started on this neat bag thing. I just got that done this morning, lined and beaded and I said...crack.

Also, we bought a new car. It is a Malibu Maxx, and it is fantisimo... it is a very nice cranberry sort of color.

Alexander had his first "playdate" ever. It was exciting.

I bought the best pair of pants ever from the Anthropologie store in Birmingham. They are black (yay) and comfy (yay) they make me look littler (yay) and they are a size smaller than I normally wear (yayyayyay). Anyway. I am not really in the mood to post all that much.

I must write, though, that I ordered some back-issues from Interweave and they showed up...very quick, and very satisfied. Me and the family went to Borders today to look at books. I checked out quite a few of the new(er) knitting books. (there are only 6 crochet books in the store, and one mag.) I found a couple really neat ones.

ok, thats it...

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