Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The suspect removed his grimy white gloves, but another pair lurked beneath.

I am a slacker. There is no other way to put it. All I did yesterday was the bootie. (hence, no finishing of the large hat, no beginning of the small hat.) All I can say is that I'm not a machine, and sometimes I have to wait for the muse to call....
Plus, we had to do our taxes. "Argghh", is all I have to say about that. Now, I don't want to talk bad about our tax lady, because she was very nice, and she really did try hard and everything. She took the extra (inordinately long) time to make sure that everything would work. However, at points in the three hour ordeal, it did seem that she had no idea about how taxation worked.
You see, we did not do our own taxes because Brandon has a weird work, and he had a month of unemployment last year, and we didn't want to deal with subpay and unemployment forms and whatnot. There was also a weird issue, where GM sent him an extra W2 form, for Lansing, with no taxes taken out at all. This is crazy, because Brandon has not worked or lived in Lansing in the past year. GM is insane. So, granted, these things made our returns a little more complicated than usual, but then there were the other problems. The lady said that she had to deal with the weird W2 in this particular way, and because of that, we cannot e-file. AND, after we thought that everything was done, and we were about to leave, I said, "So, we don't have to file city taxes this year? Or what?". To which she said, "Oh, did you want to file city taxes?". And I said,"Well, don't you HAVE to file city taxes? Brandon worked in Pontiac and Detroit last year, don't we at least have to file both of those?" She said, "well, I guess you are right, hold on, I'll get the papers out, and we will just fill them in." Thats right. We had to fill in the normal papers, by ourselves, at the tax preparers office, because the tax specialist forgot that people have to file city taxes. This is where the eyes of the tax preparees started to roll.

I guess it is all ok, though. They are all in the mail, and we only have to wait two months to see if she screwed up or not.

In other news, Alexander is in "Archeology Camp" this week. (I love Bloomfield Hills public schools.) They have special camps, one in fall, one in spring, where they focus on one topic, everybody in the school, for a whole week. Parents can elect to have their child participate (and pay the fee), or they get a week of vacation. Since Alexander can use all the school that he can get, and because archeology camp is bad ass, we signed him up. Today they went to the school farm complex. (I love Bloomfield Hills schools.) They dug up "fossils". I think that I may have done a bad thing when I was trying to explain what an archeologist is. I told him that Alan Grant from Jurassic Park was one, and also, the neat lady from The Mummy. I think that he was expecting to see dinosaurs (living) and Mummies (walking and making cool windstorms) at school today. Oh well, I suppose he should get used to disappointment.

The subject of the fall focus was physics. Yes, my son is in kindergarten, and he was at a week-long physics camp. And it worked. He knows all about wedges and wheel and axles. For a long time after the camp was over, he was obsessed with building machines, and his bedroom was officially called "the lab".

Brandon and I have a whole list of things that we have to do in the next two weeks. We have a lot more time than usual, because this week Alexander is at school full day, and next week he has spring break. Today we got the taxes out of the way. I just ordered printer ink. (so I can finally print out some of the free crochet patterns I find on line, I can't crochet from a pattern on the computer screen.) We also have to get our vacuum repaired, get a new windshield for our car, find a new car that we want to buy, get our dry cleaning done, go grocery shopping, reformat the computer, and find new doctors and dentists.

These things would be much easier to do, except that we have only between 9am and 2pm everyday to do things. They have closed all of the highways on the west side of metro detroit, and so Brandon has to leave for work 2 hours early to get there on time. He has to drive all city streets into the D. He is not happy with this arrangement. He was late 3 days in a row last week, and he got a write up for it. (hence, now leaving so early) He is really hoping to get transferred back to Pontiac now, seeing as that is only 10 minutes away from us, and the highways are supposed to be closed until October. (making sad face)

We are going to visit my grandmas for Easter this weekend. I expect craziness. ok, I can work on my hookin for about 2 hours, before I have to get the boys up for the morning, so I will be on my way. Try not to cry...

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