Friday, April 07, 2006

La la la la.....oh...hello...

Hey there kids....

woo, that's all I really wanted to write...

damn, I am a bad blogger.

Brandon is in the living room watching Cowboy Bebop. We just got back from the 24 hour laundry mat....because my DOG peed on my blanket. It is a huge king size blanket, and it can only be washed in a triple loader machine, and so, at 3:00 AM, we went all the way across town to wash my blanket. After I kicked Remy's ass. Ok, not really. Because he is cute.

I didn't even tell you about our new Hamsters. There are two. Their names are Lulu and Agnes, and they are known collectively as The Ladies. All the rest of our pets are boys. There is just Me, and The Ladies, holdin it down.

Remy hates The Ladies. He is very jealous. He wants them dead. It is a very good thing that they live in a very tricky cage, and that Remy has no thumbs, or they would be done for. The Ladies do really like ganging up on Remy, so its not really his fault. They have one of those ball things, to run around the house, and we put both of them in it together, and they chase Remy all over the house. He wants to cry.

My mom sent Remy a new toy in the mail yesterday. It is a little purple squeaky teddy bear. And Remy loves it. He sort of acted like a real dog for a few hours. He played fetch with it.

But now he has wearied of our cheap games. He has decided not to bring his baby back to me any more, because he knows that I will just squeak it a few times and then throw it again, and what's the point in that?

Anyway...I don't really feel like doing the book things right at this moment, so probably later on today I'll get to them. I'm starting a new project today, and I'm in the middle of taking over the world. I've got a really good game of Civilization going, where I am The Netherlands. Who ever thought that The Netherlands would ever rule the world? Even in jest?

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