Monday, February 26, 2007

The lower she sank, the better she felt.

I sent out my Craft Detective swap package today! I, of course, forgot to take pictures of the stuff in it, so you will just have to believe me when I tell you that the stuff rocked the house and then set it to rights once more.

I also recieved from my Hogwarts Houses swap, and from the Not so Kitschy Kitchen swap! Giant package day at the superhousehold. Craftster is down until 11:00 PM, because it wants me to go insane. I now have to work at breakneck speed on the personal swappiness. I got my main supply today for it, so I will actually be able to work on it now.

I have had the superflu all weekend. I caught it from that damned superkid....him and that....breathing.....and spreading germs....I want to spray him down with lysol every time he walks into the room. I swear that kid is a germ magnet.

I've got a bunch of projects coming up, after I finish these two last swaps. I'm going to start on the sweater for the superhubby, and I'm going to knit my Slytherin scarf for the movie. I'd also like to knit a sweater for the superkid, and knock out a Brea bag. So, like, a lot of stuff.... you know.....

So, until I must type some more!


Paperdaisies said...

Guess who?? I told you I'd say hi! Ooh now I'm gonna go to your wists and finally add some stuff that I've been itching to wist since I saw them (I thought you might notice that I had visited your wists...)

Hope you have a wonderful day!!


Ilix said...

show us your goodies from the swaps!!! not just on crafster..... here too! lol